Muratcan Gümüş

Muratcan Gümüş, November 2017.

Istanbul and Vienna; two main capitals of my life. In the first one I saw the light of day and in the second one my journey continues.

By the way, welcome to my own personal blog! All the photos, ideas and opinions you’ll find here are mine.

A cosmopolitan person born in Istanbul, moved to Austria at the end of the primary school. Interested in geotechnical & hydraulic engineering, discovering different cultures, catching the moment with Nikon and last but not least enjoying each moment at the wonderful museums of Vienna and falling in love day for day with its living culture.

Started blogging during my time at the university about my travels to different countries and the pages you are browsing right now’s been created on 04.09.16. As a self-proclaimed cultural embassador trying it keeping alive by writing of interesting and qualitatively articles at regular intervals in general about Austria and -based on my personal experiences- studying in Vienna for especially turkish speaking person from all over the world.

Besides, interviewing succesful Austro-Turks living abroad to share their experiences to young people in order to encourage them to move forward. 

In case of questions on the content of my blog please feel free to get in touch.

Have a nice time here.

Muratcan Gümüş