i’ve never had the intention to fly a radio controlled multicopter until I met a guy flying a quadrocopter near stephansplatz (one of the most touristic places in vienna) and talked to him in order to get some information about it. our short conversation in which he advised me for some reasons against building a self made multicopter turned into a new hobby. after spending a couple of days with online research i decided to build my own do-it-yourself tricopter that is in my opinion more interesting than a turnkey solution since i’d to learn each part of it and in case of a crash i know how to find out the default parts and to replace them that my tricopter is able to take off very soon again. the following picture shows how bad it does look after a crash.


ordering more and more new parts after crashes, waiting for them on mail (up to 6-8 weeks, especially by orders from china), but also spending many hours to put them together and doing the same process after the next crash is a part of this hobby but it’s worth it. a self made 3d-gimbal is also in progress. there is more to come.